About Me

Hello everyone,

First and foremost let me start by saying I’m glad you decided to check out my page and learn more about me. My reason for blogging is the simple fact I want to share life experiences of my own, motivation messages, and encouraging words that will help others such as myself overcome the obstacles we face on a daily basis. Beside we all need the extra push in life and what better way to receive it then by reading and supporting each other.


I hope by me sharing my thoughts, my accomplishments,visions, and dream, and even my very own work that it will give someone the hope and realization that if you just put your mind to it and step out on faith “you too can be amazing” scratch that your already amazing but you can soar above the clouds.


Now that I have share a little about my blog let me formally introduce myself. My name is Michelle, 27 year old naive of a small town in Alabama “roll tide”, I am the mother of two beautiful little girls ages 2 and 7, they give me the motivation to wake up every morning and be a better person. I have be married 6 years going on 7 this upcoming July and I truly thank God for every struggle, worry, argument(lol), good days, joy, and peace we have had throughout our marriage.

I am the author of the poetry book “Color Me Pretty”, I enjoy writing hence the reason that really motivated me to start my blog. I enjoy read, music, and walking. I am the most goofiest person you’d ever meet!

I look forward to reading you guys blog, comments on my blog, and supporting you in anyway I possible can.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I am a very open person and I can wait to hear from you!!!!

And as always I LOVE YOU!!! GOD BLESS

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