What Have You Done For Him Lately?


Over the weekend I sat around and though about my relationship with God. I thought about how so many times God look out for me and I don’t spend as near as much time I should with him. I also thought about all the time he has blessed me even when I know I didn’t deserve it.

But, that’s just it God is nothing like man. No matter how many times we fail he’s there to pick us up! No matter how many times we turn our back to him, he’s always there welcoming us with open arms!!!

I thought about the things I’ve petition God for over the years and then I got sad. Not sad because he didn’t honor those things but because I was busy asking but wasn’t doing what he required of me…

**God has a way of whooping our tail.. And boy was I being whooped at this time**

I got tears in y eyes because I knew what I needed to do but my thing was how... I didn’t have time?

Well that’s how the enemy work he does whatever it is possible to keep us from God…


I thought about how I make time to write, to take my daughter to cheer practice, to spend time with my husband and children, etc.

**We make time for what’s important and at that moment I wasn’t making time for God like I should.. so I ask myself is God really important in my life**

Hard pill to swallow when you realize you aren’t giving God all of you…


I’ve decided to make time! No more Excuses! No more Letting the enemy play with my mind.. I plan to do whatever it takes to build a better relationship with God. He’s been to good, he grace and mercy has keep me, and I owe God my life, my praise, my attention.

**I challenge each of you to spend more time with God, if you don’t have time make time, and watch the doors began to open for you** 

In the words of my Elect Lady: “God don’t leave us, We Leave Him”


he’s there waiting for you to return with open arms… What have you done for God lately?

Give Him You.....All of You!!!!

Author Patrice AmöreComment