Work While You Wait!


How many of you have hear "Faith without Work is Dead", I'm pretty sure the majority of you reading this post have heard it on numerous occasions. It's just like a car no matter how long you sit in it in order for the car to go you have to start it up, put it in drive, and press the gas. This applies to our life when we are asking God for things that we want to see come to pass. Sometimes we get discourage and give up because we don't see anything happen but we must remember it's in God timing not ours. We often are so close to our breakthrough, healing, blessings etc and because we don't want to work and wait we give up and let it pass right by us. God sometimes place us in a season of waiting.. If he just gave us everything we asked for then it would be no need to seek him or apply our faith because we know it's going to just happen! Not the case!

God requires something from us in order to receive what we want from him We have to learn to wait on God but in the mist of waiting we must also work just like that car we must 

start it up ( read, study, fast,  pray)

put it in drive ( apply our faith, spread his gospel, love others etc)


press the gas ( trust the plan he has for our lives and Wait! on his timing)

**Faith without Works is Dead** Believe.Trust.Work. and Wait!**

Check Out these Scriptures and Share your comment below!!!

James 2: 14-16

Isaiah 40:31


Until next time I love You!!!!