Because of Fear

Got a message from a friend last night and she asked me have I ever been hesitant about doing something God wanted me to do. My reply was yes of course.


Fast forward to this morning on my lunch break I sat down and really thought about the question, which prompt my blog post today.


Have you every been in a place where you was hesitant about doing something you knew God wanted you to do?


I have been in that place before and the reason for my disobedience to God was simply fear.  

It’s been said I have a calling on my life 🤷🏾‍♀️

But, because of the spirit of fear I was never able to unlock what God really had in store for me..

My biggest fear was people

I cared to much about what someone would say, and I cared about how it would make others feel, I put things I knew I was suppose to do to the side because who was I!

I didn’t have this or that!

I didn’t look this way or that way!

I was just plain ole me so how in the world could God possible use me..

my second biggest fear was failure

I was scared to fail!

I had to many people believing in me

but, the one person I lacked was myself

I just didn’t believe I was capable of being used.

I wanted to do God’s will like so many of you 

but, the spirit of fear covered me so bad and it was no way I was doing any of that....


So I thought!

I knew I loved to write

I knew I was pretty God at it but I didn’t allow God to be in the middle of it so it was always on stand still... 

I started praying and asking for my passion back and I prayed that if this was his will let me move out the way and let him move through me..

Once I did that I began to see doors open right before my eyes.... and I could tell it was him and not me.

I said all that to say this when you are in those moments when you know its God tugging at you to get something down don’t allow fear to creep in and stop you!

Don’t worry about how its going to get done

How will you ever find the funds to carry out the mission

Trust The Plan!

Understand if he brought you to it, if he gave you the vision, if he required of you to do something

He will equip you and bring you through it. 

Fear is of the devil! Risk him and he has to flee!!!

Take care enjoy the rest of your week!!!


James 4:7 (KJV)- Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.