Speak It! Write It! Execute It!

Speak it!

Write it!

Execute it!


Say it with me!!!


I’m pretty sure you may be reading this and trying to understand where I’m going with this. Glad you asked!!!!


We often time wish, hope, dream, and even pray for certain things to happen in our life and because he have such amazing faith we feel like that’s all we have to do and BOOM dreams come true.


Ask me how I know. Go ahead ask me!


Glad You asked!!


I was in this place before in my life I felt as though long as I was dreaming and praying to God and had just the mustard seed faith we see mention in the bible then my dreams was going to happen...

I figured that’s all it took!


But, I come to tell you other wise


I sat down with a group of believers one day and was instructed to come up with a 90 day goal plan (you know put it on paper) we had a meeting and all shared out goals, we even broke it down to what we wanted to do in the next 30 days, and then we went as far as to doing something daily to make those goals our reality!!! Had we never got  together as believers, as each other mentor, and children of God, the things that transpired the next couple days wouldn’t have happen!!!


It was least than 90 days and we where already calling each other and sharing the goals that was coming to pass right before our eyes.. 


Ask me how we got it done! Go ahead now ask me!


Glad you asked!!!! 


  • Speaking it - We got together talk about out dreams, what we wanted to do, we acknowledged and put it in the atmosphere! We let life come out of out mouth!!!  
  • Write it - We wrote down our dreams because in order for the vision to come to pass we had to see it ( you know write the vision make it plan) the bible says so right here in —————->
  • Execute it!!! - And finally we put in work! We researched, we made calls, we connected, we did what we had to do to see things come to pass!! In other words we knew for a fact faith without works was dead() so we got out and worked!!!!


*** The one thing I learned in this whole process was the first step before all of this I had to release some people and something, God made it clear to me that until I was willing to give up what was holding me back I would never reach my full potential... Now, don’t look at me ad being perfect and all because I’m not but I realized I wanted more and I was going to get it****


Now, I challenge each person reading my blog to look around allow God to remove those people who are there just to leech off you and place some real encouragers, real believers, real dream chasers, in your path and you all hold each other accountable for reaching you dreams....


Next, I challenge you to start your very own 90 day goal plan and remember to


Speak It!!!

Write It!!!

Execute It!!!


Until next time I love you and look forward to hear about those dreams becoming a reality