Mirror Image

I was headed home today and snap this picture... only because how the sky appeared at the time but I made it home and began to look a little closer at the picture and scan across the words “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear” now I know you are asking yourself what this means... Glad you ask I sat there and thought about it and God gave me this “ we often look in our mirror( things and life, jobs, personal finance.. etc) and began to feel God has forgotten us and we often feel as though we have been looked over and our blessings are held up!!! But this picture and those words and a small whisper from God reminded me and now I came to tell you “ Your blessings are closer than they appear” don’t look at whats not happening but get ready and position your self for the next move”

Your blessing are closer than they appear!!!!

Are You Ready?!?!?!?!