The Journey Begins:Who is Patrice Amöre?

Who is Patrice Amöre?  A question I asked myself when I first came up with my pen name.  Let me tell you who I am and what lead to me choosing the pen name " Patrice Amöre." My birth name is Michelle, I was born May 7 1990, I am the oldest child of eight (2 girls & 6 boys). I begin the journey of writing at a young age because it was my escape from the world around me. I wrote when I was happy, when I was sad, and even mad. What started as a hobby some how turned into a passion. As, a young girl, a teenage, and even part of my adult years,  I battled with my mind a lot, I battled depression , suicidal thoughts and attempts, and I had very low self esteem. At the age of 16 I experienced what I felt was the worse feeling ever, losing our home to a house fire and losing two of my brothers really took a toll on my life alone with everything else going on. I begin to blame myself and I lost who I was. Along my journey I have met some really amazing people and they have helped me become the person I am today. I wrote my very first book in high school and of course after the fire I lost it and because of that I lost my interest in writing, I put down my pen! I grew up and became an adult and missed what it was that really helped me in life and that was my writing. So, I prayed and asked God to give me back my passion. About 3 years ago in 2015 I met someone who officially helped me restart my writing journey. It all begin with a conversation about pictures. "God does amazing thongs in the most strangest ways at times" she took me under her wings that day and push me to do exactly what I desired to do once again.. WRITE!!! She pushed me to write even on the days I had no idea what to write about because it had been so long and I was "over it". She asked me one day before my first published book came about what my pen name would be, she said I had to think about it because it needed to have a meaning. It took me some time because I had no clue what in the world could possible mean more than my own birth name, but after a week or so Patrice Amöre was born and the meaning behind the name is simple Patrice is my middle name and Amöre means love and to me this is a daily reminder to me to self love myself (remember before I mentioned I struggled with self esteem issues) . Now, Patrice Amöre is my motivation, she's a beautiful, black, young lady who loves God, her children, husband, family, and people around her. Patrice Amöre is NOT prefect! Writing is not just a hobby, it's my passion!!  It's my Ministry!!!