Hello everyone!!!!

So I have a new book that I am currently editing and I figured why not throw a free eBook copy of my book COLOR ME PRETTY out there while waiting on the new one to drop. So if you would like a free copy of my book it will be available at the link below from 4/21/2018 to 4/23/2018!!! Don’t miss you change for a free copy!!!! Thank you all for your support and be sure to leave a review!!! Love you guys….

click here:


      1. Yeah, every time I’ve clicked on the picture the picture then turns grey. Maybe make a separate sentence and have the words “Click Here.” Highlight those words in the document and paste in the link they would go to.

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      2. I had a mistake in my response. You are right that it is free. But I can only get the free version by paying for KindleUnlimited. There is no separate option to buy the book (at this time for free) for the Kindle. You’ll notice that the option is specifically related to KindleUnlimited.


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