I was headed to work this morning when I came up on flashing lights from police officers and firefighters. I looked in my rear view mirror to make sure my girls was seated and buckled down( its a mom thing even though I knew I fastened them in before leaving home).


We passed by what appeared to be a wreck. Not sure if anyone was hurt but from the looks of it, it was pretty possible.

I drove away and glanced in my rear view mirror once again and begin to thank God for sparing me from what was behind me. That’s when two thoughts came to mind.


#1: God see what lies ahead of us and already block it before we even get to it. This morning that could have easily been me and although the situation appeared to be bad God stepped in and made it Good how do I know you ask (well no one was taken away in a body bag, no one appeared to be hurt at all once I passed thru the wreckage)

That’s how things are in our life. We are looking at what  our current situation look like but after passing thru the wreckage(those test,trials,sickness,etc) we find out a lot of time things aren’t what they appear to be.


#2: Take a look in the rear view! This spoke volume to me because we often walk away from things and try to remember them no more and just sweep it to the back of our mind. But, sometimes it take looking back at a glance in your rear view to see just how far God brought you, look at where you was and where you at now, sometime it takes a reminder of what could have been,what should have been, but because of grace and mercy what didn’t happen!!!! That’s enough to thank him for!!!!

I encourage you on today, matter fact I challenge you on today to take a look in your rear view at a glance and see just how far you came. To does of you facing something today It ain’t what it look like( yes I used ain’t) God has this in control and you’re going to pass thru this wreckage and be able to look in your rear view and say THANK YOU GOD!!!


Isaiah 43:2 
 When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.



**photo creds:pixabay**


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